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Levin Centre

Transition times for children require them to develop a sense of belonging, especially very young children. You may be retuning to work, moving into our area or joining us from another Centre. Children can feel unsettled and overwhelmed by these changes, the staff at Chelsea House are very aware of this, providing extra support within an environment that is relaxed, comfortable and caring.

An Environment That Inspires
Play And Learning

At Chelsea House we value the children in our care, their parents, our employees and the community. We aim each day to give your child the best education and care, so they can grow up as competent, confident learners and communicators, secure in their sense of belonging, and in the knowledge that they make a valuable contribution to society. (Te Whaariki, 1996) 

Inspiring Young Imaginations

How often do you get to see a princess a tiger and spiderman all involved in making a big tray of Anzac biscuits? We are lucky to be able to share these glimpses into the creative minds of young children daily through observing and supporting this important area of learning at Chelsea House.

The imaginative world of a child is an important aspect of child development that promotes critical thinking and information gathering to enable the child to generate new and exciting ideas.

We encourage role playing, dramatic play and the creative use of materials through planned theme days and daily extension activities to support the child’s attempts to make sense of their world through imaginative play activities.